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We’re all about simple, delicious dishes with big flavours, that not only taste good but leave you feeling good too.

We celebrate our namesake, Vesta, the goddess of hearth, home and family, through a menu inspired from around the world, using ingredients sourced as close to home as possible.
Our menu is bursting with beautiful, healthy vegan and vegetarian plates. ‘Food to glow’ as we like to call it. But we also serve up the comfort classics; steaks, seafood and truly indulgent burgers. Something for every taste and everyone.
Food for thought
Meaningful eats are also on the menu. You see, there is a lot more to us than just filling your stomachs (although we do that very well). Vesta exists for a social mission, run along the same ethos as our partners, Social Bite, the social enterprise aiming to end homelessness in Scotland. We hope our feel good food leads to feel good actions. If you enjoy your meal with us, you can Pay It Forward and donate the cost of a coffee, lunch or dinner. 100% of your donation will be passed straight to Social Bite’s charity to distribute the food and we also open exclusively on Monday afternoons to serve a two course lunch for people experiencing homelessness.
Vesta also provides training and employment opportunities for members of the Social Bite Academy, the charity’s four-year paid course for vulnerable people. For further information, visit